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Frequently asking questions

"Ninja Battle" is PVP online multiplayer game. After creating bid and finding opponent who accepted your bid battle will starts. Your purpose is to kill opponent`s hero in that way you win your double bet BNJ coins.

The main goal for our team is fantastic and outstanding entertainment for people and the opportunity to earn is formed due to the fact of share our commission and rakes with the players. Therefore, you can not be afraid of deception and fraud.

Before the battle start, player must distribute 100 free parameter points.

Before each battle points needs to be redistributed.
Preparation lasts 200 sec.

Each player has 4 zones for defense and attack
● Head
This part of the body can be protected and also chosen as the attack target.
● Chest
This part of the body can be protected and also chosen as the attack target.
● Belly
This part of the body can be protected and also chosen as the attack target.
● Feet
This part of the body can be protected and also chosen as the attack target.


The player’s turn is divided into 2 phases. Preparation Phase and Attack Phase. They go sequentially one after another. In one battle there can be many cycles of attacks and preparations.

Preparation Phase

In this phase player chooses which part of the body to defend and which to attack.
Phase lasts 150 seconds.
During this time, player must select body part to protect and body part to attack. To complete phase player must press the “Hit” button

Attack Phase
In this phase there is a revelation of what the player and his opponent choose.
Damage is applied to unprotected parts of the body. An exception may be the Luck ability effect (see below.)
The attack phase occurs instantly after both sides confirm their readiness.

Characteristics and parameters

Each player is given a character with default characteristics:

● Health points 50
● Mana 10
● Physical attack 5
● Physical defence 5
● Magic attack 5
● Magic defence 5
● Block chance 5%
● Critical damage 5
● Critical chance 5%

Parameters effects are following:


Increases health points and critical damage
1 health unit gives:
● Health point +50
● Crit damage +2.5

Increases physical attack and defense
1 unit gives:
● Phys. attack +2
● Phys. defence +2


Increases protection from all types of damage and gives additional dodge chance
1 agility unit gives:
● Physical defence +1
● Magic defence +1
Dodge +0.5%


Increases all types of attack and gives additional chance to produce critical attack
1 luck unit gives:
● Physical attack +1
● Magical attack +1
● Critical chance +0.5%


Increases mana and gives additional critical damage
1 knowledge unit gives:
● Mana +10
● Critical damage +2.5


Significantly increases magic attack and defense
1 wisdom unit gives:
● Magic attack +2.5
● Magic defence +2.5


Critical hit
Starting chance of critical hit is 5%.
It is calculated by the formula: base damage + critical damage * critical coefficient.

Blocks fulll or partial damage done to certain part of body.

You can dodge the enemy’s strike if you have enough agility. Starting chance is 5%.

Mana costs and mana recovery
One magic attack costs 10 mana. If mana ends, the player cannot attack by magic. Recovery is 10 mana points if player has lesser than 10 mana.

5% only from win.

The game may contain bugs during the beta testing period. It is recommended to limit the rates and not go beyond the 0.01-1 BNJ limit. In case of any problems, you can always contact our support team.

The minimum amount for deposit is 0.5 BNJ coin in appropriate currency rate.

The minimum for withdrawal is 0.1 BNJ coin in appropriate currency rate.

Withdrawals are made within 48 hours, usually much faster.

You need to press button "Ninja Battle" which launch game.

Minimum bet amount is 0.01 BNJ coin.

You can receive BNJ coins only by creating a deposit and receive accruals from it in BNJ coins or by inviting referrals. There is no other way to receive BNJ coins. After you can play "Ninja battle" and win opponent`s coins.

A commission of 10% for withdrawal from the platform.
A commission of 5% for every player win in Ninja Battle game.
There is no other commission.

BNJ coins is fully virtual coins which exists only in game universe and were created only for playing inside game. Based on demand and market conditions, the coin has a market value.

We have a three-level referral program for the purchase of ninja and one-level in the game "Ninja Battle". You may earn 1%-1%-1% (+1% from games) with apprentice Ninja status and 2%-1%-1% (+2% from games) with master Ninja status. The commission comes to your account from all purchases and all games played by your referrals.